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Find The Resort Of Your Dreams

For most of our customers, buying a resort is a lifelong dream come true.

Our company has assisted more buyers with this process than any other agency in the state and our customers always give us a resounding thumbs up on how our agents assist with every step of the way making the experience fun, rewarding, and fiscally sound. 

If you want the best service with time-tested results simply fill out our on-line Non Disclosure Agreement to access proprietary information on our exclusively listed properties and brokerage procedures to buy one of these time-tested resort opportunities. Our 40+ years of experience will guide you every step of the way.

Buying a Resort includes both lifestyle and finances. Let’s take a quick look at the basics.

1. Which part of the state are you interested in?
Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes reach from the Canadian Border all the way to Iowa and East to West. Our Northern Office specializes in properties from Duluth to Park Rapids and North to Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake, Ely and the Gunflint Trail. This region holds some of our states best family resorts that offer prime vacations for families, legendary fishing for friends and adventure for the “not so” faint of heart!
2. Which style of resort is right for you?

Basically, there are four types or Resort properties:
Housekeeping = cabins typically rent out by the week, this is the classic Mom and Pop Resort operated by families and rented to families.

Lodges/Full Service= Sometimes referred to as American Plan, these resorts are equipped with food and beverage service, a large assortment of cabins, and at times, hotel units being operated year-round.

RV Campgrounds= There are only a handful of RV only campgrounds in the northern part of the state. Many of the Housekeeping and Full-Service Resorts also have RV Campgrounds which are rented by the night or by the season and are growing rapidly in today’s market.
Canoe Outfitters= A specialty Minnesota classic adventure style business that has over 1 million acres dedicated to it for all of America to enjoy. These are summer-only businesses that can be found in one of our BWCA towns or combined with one of our BWCA resort operations located on the border of this famous American Wilderness region.

3. Financial Due Diligence:
This is perhaps our strongest suit at Minnesota Resort Sales when we work with your family’s finances. We are affiliated with the best in the business when it comes to our professional associates. We trust our incredible Community Bank Lenders, Small Business Loan Officers, Certified Public Accountants, Legal teams, and Lawyers. We trust our team based on their incredible experience with resort lending and transactions, just like our company, they are the pros!
4. How Do I get started?

Simple. For your lifestyle decisions, start by gauging resort-style choices to your own family’s resort preferences that cater to “your preferred style”. Working with guests who have similar tastes is always the easiest for owners in the hospitality business, that is the lifestyle equation.

For the finance side of the transaction, start by estimating your current equity/cash position in savings, home value, 401K balances, and any other investments you may want to consolidate into a down payment for your new resort purchase. The average resort finance package will require a 20% down payment but at times, 10% can be sufficient to secure financing.

Financing is our specialty and it is one of the many things that separates us from all other Real Estate companies. We know the inside strategies to financing and closing on Minnesota’s premiere resorts.