Gardenwood Resort & Motel (SOLD)

  • MNRS #1960379
  • $495,000
  • Location: Lake Superior - North Shore


There are 13 cabins on this property with a nice variety of amenities including direct TV, microwaves, air conditioning and more. All are very functional seasonal cabins with the classic matched paint and trim to create that “Up North Resort Look” for guests.

Motel Units:
These units are ready to rent and stay full on a regular basis during the summer months. There is Internet, Direct TV, full-size refrigerators, kitchenettes and a new wrap around deck with lake views.

Owners Home and Office:
Owners home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with office space with garage space. This arrangement allows new owners to continue working your current “home office job” while the other owner tends to the Resort operation. For privacy, there is a separate office to assist Resort guests for check in and out.

Major Location:
Just across the street from a major public boat ramp, pier, and dock system. On Lake Superior with access to all major hiking trails and just a short drive from Duluth. This property attracts the younger generation that is going to be coming for years and years.

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