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North Shore Cottages (SOLD)

  • MNRS #1960388
  • $499,000
  • Location: Duluth

Situated just North of Duluth on the North Shore scenic highway and Lake Superior, North Shore Cottages offers incredible scenery, charming accommodations, accessible services and a satisfied customer base. Located less than 10 minutes from Downtown Duluth North Shore Cottages offers a comfortable, cozy, quiet retreat with access to 8 State parks, the Superior National Forest, the BWCA and more.

The Cottages:
From 1-2 bedroom cottages, all units are housekeeping ready with amenities such as queens beds, fireplaces, decks, and TV/DVD. Beautiful views of Lake Superior are included also. 

The Business: 
With convenient access to the city of Duluth as well as the North Shore and Lake Superior, there will always be a market for new and existing customers. The charming accommodations, competitive pricing, beautiful location, online booking and excellent customers reviews makeup the nuts and bolts of this business. North Shore Cottages is ready for the next owners to take those pieces and build something special for themselves and for the many guests to come. 

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