Successful North Shore Inn

  • MNRS #1960441
  • $1,750,000
  • Location: North Shore Lake Superior

SALE PENDING: Nowhere in Minnesota will you find the magnificence of nature more obvious than when you take a drive along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Named appropriately, this famous lake and the lucky travelers who get to experience it will find that many of its richest and most breathtaking places exist along the North Shore. The sheer depth of the landscape with it’s towering cliffs, pine topped mountains and cascading waterfalls will always leave you wanting more.

If you are seeking to capitalize on this experience and want to know you are providing the best accommodations available, then this opportunity is the one you have been waiting for. This Mom and Pop owned and operated lodging retreat has all the boxes checked and will allow you to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of in one of the most beautiful places imaginable.

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